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Haiti , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Haiti » Economy: Haiti - Economy : IMF on mission in Haiti

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Publication date: Sunday 14 January 2018

A delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) led by Jean Pierre Nguenang, senior economist in public finance management and public finance department is in Haiti for a mission of a dozen days where it will meet several public institutions.

News Haiti » Economy: Trump is ignoring one huge factor in the current status of Haiti: US foreign policy

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Publication date: Sunday 21 January 2018

Even when Haiti gained independence in 1804, it took the US until 1862 to recognize it as an independent nation, subjecting the country to an economic embargo in the intervening years. In 1915, after the assassination or removal of several Haitian leaders ...

News Haiti » Economy: Agro chief calls Haiti ban on Dominican products ‘something momentary’

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 January 2018

Santo Domingo.- Agriculture minister Ángel Estévez on Tues. said Haiti’s ban on Dominican products has been lifted and called it “something momentary” that occurs with some products that were bought from the Dominican side of the border and ...

News Haiti » Economy: The Latest: Trump unapologetic about Africa, Haiti remarks

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Publication date: Friday 12 January 2018

During a bipartisan Oval Office immigration meeting Thursday, Trump questioned why the U.S. would accept more immigrants from Haiti and "shithole countries" in Africa. — Josh Lederman and Jonathan Lemire 5:15 p.m. The chairman of the Congressional Black ...

News Haiti » Economy: Sh*thole: Now’s a Great Time to Stop Meddling in Haiti

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Publication date: uesday 16 January 2018

Earlier this week, President Trump allegedly disparaged Haiti, describing it as “sh*thole.” The response has been what you might expect. It’s been a torrent of demands for apologies from the Trump administration and commentary on how “troubling ...

News Haiti » Economy: Haiti’s Economy

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Publication date: uesday 12 January 2010

Even before Tuesday’s devastating earthquake, Haiti had a distressed economy. It is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, with around 80 percent of the population living under the poverty line and 54 percent living in abject poverty ...

News Haiti » Economy: Building Haiti’s Economy, One Mango at a Time

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Publication date: Friday 17 October 2014

IN an astonishing outpouring of generosity, nearly half of American households have donated money to help Haiti recover from the recent earthquake. The United States government and other governments around the world, for their part, have sent thousands of ...

News Haiti » Economy: Stitching Haiti’s economy together

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Publication date: onday 01 March 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti | Jordanie Pinquie Rebeca leans forward and guides a piece of suit-jacket wool and its silky lining into a sewing machine, where — bat! bat! bat! — they’re bound together to be hemmed. If she does this for eight hours, she will ...

News Haiti » Economy: Rebuilding Haiti's economy

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Publication date: hursday 21 January 2010

The UN has said the aid focus should now be on efforts to rebuild Haiti and its economy [EPA] As the emergency relief effort continues to gather pace in Haiti, attention has begun to focus also on the long term needs of rebuilding the country's shattered ...